The Spirits of Goldsboro and The Ghosts of Sanford

“The Sprits of Goldsboro and the Ghosts of Sanford is a simplified informative manual concerning the Seminole County Citizens of Florida. This Book has been compiled for the purpose of reminding all persons that regardless of the present conditions at this time frame in life in America there were citizens that stood adverse conditions to make some of today’s comforts possible. Also it is my opinion that in these host of upcoming years Americans will focus their attention on the basic political ideologies which have enabled us to endure so many tumultuous political and social episodes during the past two centuries. Seminole County Florida should be reminded that although black people did not write the constitution of the United States, their lawyers have contributed mightily to making it work. The persons contributing histories of this chosen chapter are blessed to be among those to witness the social changes in our neighborhood. It is important to remind the county and the nation that what we Blacks are commemorating is not simply the fallen heroes, but the triumph of our spirit and contribution to the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all America.                                                                  

There will be a day that we will not have in America, “Black Awareness” week, Black Neighborhoods, China town, Swedish Neighborhood, German American Neighborhoods Black Ghetto, White town, Indian territory, across the tracks, Puerto Rican town. Vietnamese refugees. All people will be Americans helping one another to survive. I am praying that it doesn’t take a nuclear war to make us stoop to help our neighbor….



Alfreda J Wallace 

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All proceeds from the purchase of this book will go to programming for the Goldsboro West Side Community Historical Association Inc. 
The Goldsboro West Side Community Historical Association is home to the Goldsboro Museum, Francis Oliver Cultural Arts and Goldsboro Welcome Center, Crooms Academy Museum, The Goldsboro Heritage & Art Garden, and The Goldsboro Arts Square.
The Goals of the Goldsboro West Side Community Historical Association Inc. is to (1) educate generations of the extraordinary history of Goldsboro (2) offer solutions for modern day problems thru humanities (3) preserve and increase access to the humanities.

Goldsboro Historical Museum

The heritage of Goldsboro is much like that of Florida’s Eatonville,( established 1887) and other African-American towns across the country. These communities began with a desire to be self- sustaing, self-governing and self-policing. A few, like Eatonville, survived. Many others were gobbled up or destroyed by larger communities threatened by their existence. Goldsboro, established 1891 as the second African-American town in Florida to become incorporated, lost its’ town charter and became a community within Sanford in 1911 when Forrest Lake, a powerful Sanford banker and state lawmaker, devised a plan to dissolve the charters of both Sanford and Goldsboro and create a new charter that would make Goldsboro a community inside of Sanford. Years later, fate caught up with Lake, when he was found guilty of unrelated embezzlement charges and sent to prison.

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