Acknowledging A Call To Service

In an effort to inspire an urge the new young leaders to service, we highlight Mrs. Francis C. Oliver. Educator, Author, Historian and Activist. Mrs. Oliver is a graduate of Savannah State College, Savannah Ga. and F.T.U. (University of Central Florida) Orlando, Fla. Mrs. Oliver majored in elementary education. Education always being a strong point in her life, the mother of four ran for the district two seat on the Seminole County School Board in 1976. Mrs. Oliver has held teaching positions at Georgia Elementary, Savannah Ga. Ashley Elementary, North Carolina. Eastbrook, Rosenwald and Midway Elementary, Sanford,Fla. She has been the proprietor of a local Day Care Center in Sanford and functioned as a management trainee for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. She has always felt she understood and shared the parents viewpoint regarding educational matters, and as a business person on the management level, she truly has a feel for the effects of the depressed economy, high unemployment and dollar shortage and can relate these social factors to the growing population that has enlarged the educational and social needs. Mrs. Oliver feels it's past time that we favor student mentality over building of monuments. Currently curator of the Historic Goldsboro Museum, the Francis Oliver Culture Arts and Welcome Center and the Crooms Memorabilia Museum. Mrs. Oliver's sincere hope and desire is that the new young leaders accept the torch being passed and answer their call to service and continue to make the Sanford/Goldsboro/Georgetown an other areas, strong, viable, and productive.
written by William Taylor