Education In Goldsboro & Sanford

As early as 1870, the black children of prosperous families attended private schools, mostly church sponsored, in Goldsboro,Sanford and surrounding towns.

The dates below identify when these schools were established.

In 1885- Sanford's oldest school for black student's was located in the Georgetown community called The Georgetown School. Sanford was then a part of Orange County. Parent's would buy the books and supplies, and the teacher paid for other materials or raised the money from the community. The school moved to a new facility " in 1906 and the name was changed to "Hopper Academy"

1906- Joseph N. Crooms was made principal of "Hopper Academy" in Georgetown.

In 1909- a 1908/09 teacher's report shows 34 male and 29 female in the Goldsboro School located on Goldsboro Avenue. The principal was Mr. Chase E. Martin

In 1916 - Goldsboro Elementary School was built on 16th street. It was a one room schoolhouse some of the children went to school in the Triumph Church of God and Christ church at corner of 15th street.

In 1926 - Crooms Academy was erected on 13th Street. It was named after Professor Joseph Nathaniel Crooms, because of the fine job he did at Hopper Academy. where his wife, Wealthy Mabel Crooms was the Assistant Principal. Prof. J.N.Crooms' parents were enslaved on the Goodwood Plantation in Tallahassee, Prof. Crooms was a well respected Florida educator who installed many innovative ideas, such as extending the school year.

Today the historic "Crooms Academy", renamed The Crooms School of Science and Technology is one of the top schools of its kind in the country.