Faces of Goldsboro

William J Taylor ( Ricky ) born to Cora Cook (Haynes - Taylor) daughter of Rev. George Cook (Land barron) and one of the founders of the city of Goldsboro. For the past 64 yrs. Rick has been raised and lives in Goldsboro, one of the faces of Goldsboro. He has always had a mind for service in the community of Goldsboro. He has worked as an educator in the Seminole County Schools, instructing at Goldsboro, Crooms, Midway and other schools in the county.Taylor has been a coach and mentor with the Sanford Recreation Deptment(westside) where he was Supervisor of Westside Rec. Center. He has also served as Health Care Educator with the Black Male Outreach Program. A program design to stem the growth of HIV/AIDS virus in the targeted Goldsboro area, where he was shelter mgr. for the Rescue Outreach Mission/males/. Currently Taylor is retired and serves as independent contractor with his experience. He has volunteered his services to Brothers Keepers Inc. over the last 12 yrs. and through that work has been truly rewarded. He has been Administrative Asst. to Mr Oscar Redden at Bros. Keepers and currently is exec director asst to Mrs. Francis Oliver curator and Executive Director to the Goldsboro Museum. Ms. Oliver is also founder. Rick considers it a blessing to have served and worked in the Goldsboro area for the better portion of his life. He feels his experience has him right where he needs to be. "In Goldsboro We Say, If We Don't Tell The Story Who Will"