Goldsboro: A Letter From The Past

GOLDSBORO: A letter from the past.

        I am Catherine B Bostic. Born to Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bostic on January 31, 1900. As a child I attended the West Side Elementary School, which

was a one room building in Goldsboro. It was very large located on what is now called, William Clark Ave. in Goldsboro. The school didn’t

have a name, just Goldsboro School. Every grade was in the same room. As years past, the attendance increased, and more rooms were

needed, so two more rooms were added to take care of the incoming students. Our first teacher was professor Martin, second was Rev.

Williams & Rev. Hector. We also had some women teachers, Mrs. Austin, Mrs. Lampkin’s & many more. Students that were in advance grades

transferred to the East Side School, which is called Georgetown, and the school was Hopper Academy. Prof. J. N. Crooms was principal, and

his wife was the Assistant Principal along with other teachers on the staff. I was in the sixth grade nearing my closing year of school for the

term. I did not get promoted because of an accident at home. Our back porch was being repaired and on my way to school I fell through the

porch & was crippled for three or four months.

When school opened the next term, I had to attend school by cab because of the walking distance, and my leg/foot still being sore.

Through the obstacles, I finally finished high school with the help of great teachers.  My graduation year was June 1920. A very happy year for

me. After graduating from public school, my intention was to become a nurse but, my parents were not able to send me off to nursing school.

Instead, I took a correspondence course, and worked alongside Doctors.  The first doctor to start me off with my practical work was Dr.

Denton. I was a good helper for him so, he told other doctors about how cooperative and Zealous I was with staying on task and being busy

with everything. With the news traveling around about my work, I was able to work as a practical for 3 1/2 years or more.

I eventually had to take the state examinations to be a licensed practical nurse and pass to receive my certificate. I decided later on, if I

could do this good at being a practical nurse I could better myself become a graduate nurse. So I wrote the superintendent of Brewster

Hospital in Jacksonville Florida, and accepted me after I filled out the application. I entered training that September, 1924. There were about

twenty student nurses, some were either first, second, or third year. After, my probationary period, I passed the exam and was given my

whole uniform. I worked faithfully and advanced in everything. I was well liked by most of the patients and doctors. I had a few hardships in

training but, I could only think that they were responsible duties for my success in becoming a nurse. I finally finished nursing after three

years. After, commencement exercises and renewing my diploma, I was awarded a five-dollar gold piece for keeping the cleanest room and a

certificate for neatest uniform during the three-year inspection period. After graduation I took the State Board examination and received my

registered nurse certificate as a R N. This was the greatest day of my life.

My first job was in Palatka Florida at Lawton’s Sanatorium for Second years. Second job was at home in Sanford Florida at Fernald

Langton Hospital for twenty-two years. I finally quit and worked in Orlando Florida at Orange Memorial for two years. I finally came back

home after getting service call to come by the superintendent. When the Seminole Memorial Hospital was built I moved with the staff and

worked for seven years on the 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift, in charge of second floor. I worked there for seven years until my retirement in 1962. I

worked for 33 years as a  R.N. I am now fourteen years retired and loving it.

Catherine B. Bostic

1008 w. 12th street, Sanford, Fla. 32771.

Education has always been important in the Goldsboro community. It has been the

foundation for success with the Blacks in this area. Come out and visit us for more stories.

Goldsboro Historic Museum.

Written by William Taylor

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