March 18, 2016

My Sanford Magazine

“GOLDSBORO: An American Story of Hope, Freedom, & Independence” (page 30)



March 29, 2016

Naseem S. Miller-Orlando Sentinel

Seminole County mobile health unit an option for uninsured”


May 1, 2016

Gal Tziperman Lotan and Martin E. Comas-Contact Reporters: Orlando Sentinel

“Sanford resident: 'We stand in solidarity with the city of Baltimore”


June 16, 2016


“The Fresh Stop Mobile Market visits Goldsboro community weekly”


July 19, 2016

Martin E. Comas-Orlando Sentinel

“Goldsboro looks for economic revitalization with HUD grant”      


August 13, 2016


“The Bulletin Board: Goldsboro Front Porch Council, Inc., holds Celebration Luncheon”


August, 24, 2016


“Our Take: Improvements to Goldsboro”


December 1, 2016

Mirna Chamorro

“Goldsboro Farmers Market Grand Opening”


December 27, 2016

Martin E. Comas-Contact Reporter: Orlando Sentinel

“New Goldsboro farmers market gives residents healthy options”


August 20, 2015

My Sanford Magazine

“GOLDSBORO: FROM the HEART” (page 4)


March 14, 2014

Martin E. Comas- Orlando Sentinel

Goldsboro residents: We like Sun Rail, but how will we get to the station?”


February 5, 2013

Martin E. Comas- The Orlando Sentinel

“Sanford rally promotes peace on Trayvon Martin's birthday”


February 8, 2013

Martin E. Comas- Orlando Sentinel

“Free movie showings will present Goldsboro's history”


February 22, 2013

Martin E. Comas- The Orlando Sentinel

“Trayvon Martin memorials under way in Sanford's Goldsboro neighborhood”


April 14, 2013

Rene Stutzman- Orlando Sentinel

“New Sanford police chief: 'No pipe dream that things are going to change overnight”


June 18, 2013

“Sanford Police Chief will walk the streets of Goldsboro on Thursday”

Martin E. Comas- Orlando Sentinel


July 17, 2013

Megan May-Orlando Sentinel

“Florida Press Association annual convention”


October 12, 2013

Martin E. Comas- Orlando Sentinel

“Goldsboro shares spotlight in Sanford celebration”


February 9,2012

Carroll McKenney-CMFMedia

“Commentary: The history of Goldsboro”


April 12, 2012

David Ovalle and Frances Robles- Miami Herald

“Sanford’s image take a blow against backdrop of Trayvon shooting”


July 21, 2012

Jeff Kunerth- Orlando Sentinel

“Trayvon Martin case reveals undercurrent of racial tension, distrust in Sanford”


October 3, 2012

Orlando Sentinel

“Florida Forward: In the Shadow of Race”


March 4, 2007

Melissa Patterson- Sentinel Staff Writer

Goldsboro Pulls Together”


August 23, 2007

Orlando Sentinel

“Grant to extend Goldsboro Trail”


September 23, 2007

Orlando Sentinel

“State leader visits Goldsboro”


July 10, 2003

Robyn Jones- Sentinel Correspondent

`Mall Of Help' Has Big Dreams For Goldsboro”


December 15, 2002

Jim Robison- The Sentinel Staff

Grapeville Details Emerge”


January 21, 2000

Doris Bloodsworth- The Sentinel Staff

“Dealers Lose A House - Town Regains Peace”