Mr. & Mrs. David C. Brock. both prominent citizens of Sanford, Florida. Mr. David C. Brock was a businessman and Mrs.Viola Brock was a school teacher at Crooms Academy. Their home was the center of social activity within the Georgetown neighborhood located on Sanford Avenue. Mrs. Brock was well known for her social tea gatherings.Their home was warm and inviting, which brought about much dignity and respect within the Georgetown community. The upstairs of their home was a boarding house for single teacher's working in Sanford colored schools. There were no hotels to house famous African American people that came to visit or work in Sanford, Florida. Many people from all over stayed at the Brock house. The Legendary Jackie Robinson lodged there in the late 40's.

Story by Mrs. Francis Coleman Oliver Curator
The Goldsboro Historical Museum, Sanford, Florida