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It Is Good To Give Thanks To The LORD
I expand my consciousness of life by counting my blessings and thanking God in sincerity for "each" blessing. I realize that God doesn't need the gratitude, but I need to "express it" because it involes my own growth and awareness. This has been a pleasure to record a part of our religious history of my church, First Shiloh. The members have been very very cooperative. Praise, gratitude and thanksgiving are affirmations of the highest order, when they come from the heart. You are constuctively creating and multiplying the good, that has been accepted. Just as the social etiquette of thanking one for a gift or an act of love and understanding makes for a joyous communication with my heavenly Father. It keeps the doors of my heart ever open to his love and wisdom.We are just beginning on a new historical journey and we should recognize the limitlessness of His gifts in every avenue of our lives. I give thanks for all of you and I give thanks that I am capable of rising above all undesirable situations and conditions by properly using the power He has given me to think, to envision, to live purposefully. First Shiloh, we should let no day go by without joyous thanksgiving for the knowledge that we can, in the silence of prayer, find within our being His presence and power by which to motivate our lives. In the years to come, when supplements to this historical movement will be made, we will be thankful that, in God's intelligence, He created a universal and perfect plan of law and order in which we live and have our being. For the ones that must carry on I hope they direct their lives toward the greatest possible expression and experience of it. Anything that will enable us to express greater life, greater happiness, greater power - so long as it does no harm to anyone - must be the Will of God for us.

May God continue to bless us and make us a blessing.