William Clark Avenue

Over 100 years ago, the street you cross as you entered the Town of Goldsboro was named Clark Street, after our town's founding father,William Clark. Property belong to Clark is directly across from the sign. When the town was annexed in to the city of Sanford in 1911, the street was renamed Lake Avenue, named for Forest Lake, the man responsible for having the town's charter nullified.
Gradually, several of the streets were renamed, further erasing the town's past history.
Forrest Lake was a local banker, he served as Mayor of Sanford and was elected to the Florida Legislature. The Seminole Herald describes him as a jaunty,confident hustler and a reprobate who sneers at justice. He was arrested and sentenced to 14 years in prison for mishandling money at the bank.
For many years Goldsboro resident's were annoyed by the Lake Avenue sign which was a reminder of the past injustice. They held little hope that it would ever be re named William Clark Avenue a reminder of the dignity and integrity of the town's founder.

In Zora Neale Hurston's. WPA interview with founder William Clark, he mentioned money, that over $10,000 owed to the town of Goldsboro by the city of Sanford.

To this date are no records of this debt ever being paid.
On Thursday February 28, 2013, the long held wishes of the Goldsboro resident's were surprisingly answered.

The Lake Avenue sign was taken town and replace with a sign that read William Clark Avenue. After more than 100 years the street that has been restored to honor Goldsboro Founding Father William Clark.
Thank you Commissioner Dr. Velma Williams, and thank you City of Sanford.